Barbie Movie Review: Greta Gerwig’s Captivating Take on Barbie Falls Short of Expectations

Movie – Barbie

Release date – 21 July 2023 (India)

Based on – Barbie; by Mattel

Written – Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach

Director – Greta Gerwig

A cast of Barbie – Margot Robbie, America Ferrera, Ryan Gosling, Kate McKinnon, Ariana Greenblatt, Issa Rae, Michael Cera, Simu Liu, Rhea Perlman and Will Ferrell

Budget – $128–145 million

Duration – 114 Minutes

Barbie Movie Review – Storie in-depth

Barbie: A Deep Dive into Identity and Feminism

In the world of Barbie, something seems amiss beneath the surface of glitz and glamour. “Barbieland” presents us with Stereotypical Barbie, portrayed by Margot Robbie, facing an existential crisis. Her once-arched feet, usually perched in high heels, now rest flat on the floor. She grapples with cellulite, contemplates mortality, and even experiences morning breath. Something profoundly troubling is going on.

What is going on with Barbie?

The film cleverly introduces Gloria, Barbie’s human counterpart in the Real World, who inadvertently influences Barbie’s struggles. This sets off a captivating journey that intertwines ideas, people, and dolls between Barbieland and reality. We witness Stereotypical Barbie and her friend, Ken (Ryan Gosling), charting an odyssey into the Real World to confront Gloria’s troubling thoughts and find resolution. But it’s not just about changing minds; the film delves into the complexities of body image, particularly cellulite, which remains a puzzling issue.

As the story unfolds, Barbie and Ken find themselves in Los Angeles, where their lives are turned upside down. Ken encounters the realities of patriarchy and its impact on body image, while Barbie gains a new awareness of the male gaze’s violence. For the first time, she sheds tears, revealing a more human and vulnerable side.

Barbie Movie Review: Greta Gerwig’s Captivating Take on Barbie Falls Short of Expectations

Barbieland / Real World

“Barbieland” draws a crucial contrast between the two worlds. In Barbieland, women reign supreme, but men serve as mere decorations, hardly noticed. In contrast, the Real World exposes a more sinister and violent side of power dynamics. The film intriguingly explores these disparities and highlights the patriarchy’s pervasive influence.

Barbie Land from Barbie Movie

Furthermore, the movie plays with the idea of Barbie as both a doll and a sentient being. It addresses the issue of “sexualized capitalism,” with Barbie being both part of the problem and potentially part of the solution. The film skillfully delves into the unrealistic beauty standards Barbie embodies and the impact it has on generations of people. While critiquing these standards, it also acknowledges the joy that unreal beauty can bring.

However, the film faces challenges in grappling with feminist ideals and the complex ideology surrounding Barbie. Director Gerwig’s storytelling prowess shines, yet incorporating both critique and endorsement proves challenging. It seems to hint at a broader ideology while wrestling with narrow perspectives, leading to a sense of ideological ambiguity.

Barbie Movie Day 1 Collection at Indian Box Office Nets 5 Crores – Margot Robbie in the lead

Barbie Movie Day 1 at Indian Box Office Nets 5 Crores - Margot Robbie in the lead

Barbie, the highly anticipated movie directed by Greta Gerwig and starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, and an incredible cast, has taken the Indian box office by storm. On its opening day, the film raked in an impressive Rs 5 crores, making it the second most popular choice of the week, right after Oppenheimer.

The excitement around Barbie continues to grow, and as the weekend approaches, it is expected to achieve a massive opening weekend collection of approximately Rs 17 crores net. The global earnings are projected to soar past 300 million dollars during the opening weekend, a remarkable achievement for the movie.

Audiences have shown immense love for Barbie, with theaters running at full capacity and strong hold expected on weekdays as well. The film’s success is undeniable, as the weekend collections alone are enough to break even.

In English-speaking markets, Barbie enjoyed a notable 41.61 percent occupancy on Friday, and in the US, it has already grossed an impressive $22.3 million, surpassing Oppenheimer’s collection of $10.5 million.

The hype surrounding Barbie is well-deserved, and the audience can’t stop raving about this enchanting film. It’s truly an exciting experience to witness the magic of Barbie unfold on the big screen!

In conclusion, “Barbie: A Deep Dive into Identity and Feminism” takes audiences on an introspective and thought-provoking journey. It encourages us to question our perceptions of beauty, power dynamics, and desire while exploring the complexities of feminism in an ever-changing world. This film invites reflection and sparks conversations that will resonate beyond the screen.

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