Lust Stories 2 Review OTT Netflix Release 2023


Lust Stories 2 Review OTT Netflix Release 2023 – The director of Lust Stories 2 has made a very stunning OTT Series. Lust Stories has 4 super visual and amazing episodes. Lust Story’s release date was 29 June 2023. Amazing four different stories with an amazing star cast. Four different stories were directed by four different directors who did a very great job. Lust Stories 2 will also have the same concept as Part 01 Four famous Indian directors sightsee sex, lust, desire, and love described through short stories in this sequel to 2018’s Emmy-nominated “Lust Stories”. Lust Stories 2 is the most awaited consequence of Lust Stories. Lust Stories Part 1 was released on 15 June 2018 with four short film parts in the movie.

Lust Stories 2 Time Line

Name of the MovieLust Stories 2
Release Date29 June 2023
Releasing platformNetflix India
Language of the MovieHindi, English, Tamil, Telugu
DirectorsR Balki, Konkona Sen, Amit Ravindernath, Sujoy Ghosh.
WritersR. Balki. Saurabh Choudhary. Ankit Dahiya.
GenresAnthology Films, Bollywood Movies, Sex, Desire, Hindi-Language Movies, Dramas, Romantic Movies

Lust Stories 2 Review – Star Cast Performances

Lust Stories 2 Review

In Lust Stories 2, Tamannah’s outstanding performance is the show-stopper. Neena Gupta also made her point with her amazing and outstanding performance. But Tamannaah Bhatia and Vijay Varma are the highlights of this show. Tamannaah Bhatia seems to be born to play this show in every performance.

This Blog is about “Lust Stories 2 Review” so below we write the whole story one by one and present you the Lust Stories 2 Review

Lust Stories 2 Review – Story Line

Lust Stories 2 Review – First Story “Made for Each Other”

Veda (Murnal Thakur) and Arjun (Angad Bedi) are good friends, their families think to arrange their marriage. At a dinner Veda and Arjun’s parents comment on the two being “perfect match” because of their shared same interests and hobbies. Veda’s widowed, religious grandmother (Nina Gupta) walks in and wanted to know if the two have been involved in sex. Veda’s Dadi “grandmother,” said and explained that physical compatibility between the couple is very important. Interests and hobbies can change over time. Grandmother told Veda about her own marriage and how she and her late husband “Dada ji” always kept each other fully satisfied. After Taking cues, Arjun and Veda slept together after club night. Veda seems excited and happy but not satisfied. After that, she and Arjun continued to hook up at expensive hotel rooms and their parents are still opposed to this “test drive” idea. Finally, they stop over to Veda’s grandmother one afternoon and claim to have understood how to please and satisfy the other in bed. After that, only Veda’s grandmother is happy and gives approval to the marriage. Grandmother offers her own room to Veda and Arjun for their wedding night as their honeymoon suite.

Lust Stories 2 Review – Second Story “The Mirror”

Ishita, a designer in her 30s, lives a solitary life and battles frequent migraines. She relies on the assistance of her maid, Seema, who visits her apartment during the day to ensure its cleanliness. One fateful afternoon, Ishita unexpectedly walks into her bedroom and stumbles upon Seema engaging in an intimate act with her husband, Kamal. Shocked and unable to confront them, Ishita retreats into hiding, quietly witnessing their encounters. Strangely, she discovers that she is aroused by watching them, despite the betrayal.

Realizing that this rendezvous is a daily affair, Ishita finds herself unable to put a stop to it. To further indulge her newfound fascination, she discreetly positions herself in her apartment, spying on Seema and Kamal through a mirror. She concocts an excuse about visiting an acupuncturist for her migraines and routinely leaves her office around 3 pm, ensuring she can observe their intimate moments. The charade continues unnoticed until one day when Seema catches a glimpse of Ishita’s presence in the mirror, realizing she has been watched.

Seema, torn between the fear of losing her job and the exhilaration of being watched, chooses to maintain the illusion of normalcy, pretending as though nothing has happened. However, an unfortunate accident caused by Ishita disrupts the fragile equilibrium, leading to a confrontation between the two women. Accusations fly, and Seema ultimately gets fired. Struggling to secure alternative employment, Seema finds her prospects dwindling, while Ishita faces difficulty finding another maid due to the rumors circulating about the incident.

Meanwhile, at night, Kamal and Seema engage in a heated argument outside their small one-room apartment, right where Ishita had previously scolded her daughter for spending time with her boyfriend. Initially, Kamal expresses his anger towards Seema for creating a public disturbance at such late hours over a trivial matter. However, the argument soon evolves into a discussion about the intentional invasion of their privacy by Ishita. Surprisingly, this realization turns Kamal on, leading to a reconciliation between the couple.

Weeks pass, and fate brings Ishita and Seema together again while they are both grocery shopping. They exchange pleasantries and inquire about each other’s well-being. Seema musters the courage to ask if she can return to work, to which Ishita agrees. She entrusts Seema with the keys to her apartment once more. The very next day, Ishita resumes her clandestine activities, sneaking back into her apartment at 3 pm, indicating a return to the old patterns that ignited this tangled web of desires.

Lust Stories 2 Review – Third Story “Sex with the Ex”

Once upon a time, there was a successful CEO of a company. Despite his professional achievements, his marriage was plagued by tension and dissatisfaction. One fateful day, while driving his old car, he found himself involved in a life-altering accident. The cause? A distracting video call with his girlfriend, which led him to veer off course and crash into a tree while trying to avoid a cyclist.

Unable to start his car or use his phone, he sought help from the cyclist. Together, they made their way to a nearby village in search of assistance. With a reluctant mechanic in sight, he mustered the courage to ask for his car to be fixed. Alas, there was no phone signal available to call for help. Feeling lost and stranded, he wandered into a nearby coffee shop, where a familiar tune caught his attention.

Intrigued, he followed the melodic notes and stumbled upon a woman in a captivating red saree, gracefully dancing at a community hall. Struck by her presence, he approached her, convinced she was someone he knew. However, she adamantly denied being the person he believed her to be and implored him to leave. Just as confusion clouded his mind, a police officer arrived and addressed her by the very name he had used, eliciting a sense of joy within him. Inside her humble abode, the truth began to unfold. They were once married, but she had vanished without a trace ten years ago. The rush of emotions overwhelmed him as he rediscovered his long-lost love. However, she resolutely insisted he leave and let the past remain buried. Despite her pleas, he refused to relent, desperate to reconnect with her. As they reminisced about their shared history and engaged in heartfelt conversations, his behavior towards her became inappropriate, clouded by his desires. She repeatedly asked him to depart, urging him to respect her wishes. Amidst their discussions, they delved into the events surrounding her sudden disappearance, leading her to suspect their mutual friend, Anu, of involvement. In a shocking revelation, he confessed that he had married Anu and built a family with her, ultimately rising to the position of CEO in Anu’s father’s company.

This revelation ignited a fiery anger within Shanti, who believed Anu had orchestrated her abduction with the intention of marrying Vijay, the CEO. Unexpectedly, their turbulent emotions erupted into an intimate encounter, but as they lay together, Shanti mentioned a pregnancy test she had taken before her disappearance. Vijay’s response uncovered a sinister truth— he had manipulated the situation and orchestrated everything to secure his marriage with Anu. In a chilling confession, he admitted to suffocating and ending Shanti’s life with a pillow.

To escape the approaching police officer, Vijay fled through a window, leaving behind a trail of fear and darkness. Returning to his car, he witnessed people pulling his motionless body out, mistakenly believing him to be dead due to his lack of response. In that haunting moment, Shanti materialized beside him, chastising him for not seizing the opportunity to return when he had the chance. Overwhelmed by the weight of his choices, he let out a piercing scream that echoed through the night.

Lust Stories 2 Review – Fourth Story “Tilchatta”

Suraj Singh (Kumud Mishra) is a wealthy King who lives in an old palace with his wife and son. Suraj Singh is a sexual abuser, who usually assaults his wife, Devyani, along with other young individuals in the town, and becomes a victim of Suraj Singh’s abusive behavior. One of the maids at the palace falls prey to his assaults, she ends up quitting. Devyani’s mother runs prostitution in another town and calls up Devyani about the news of a young girl prostitute being infected with HIV with a client. Devyani feels bad for the young girl. Also, Devyani is telling her son, Ankur, to go abroad for higher studies. Ankur is unwilling to leave his mother to the mercy of his father. Suraj discourages Ankur from his abroad plans for education. Meanwhile, Devyani hires a young maid, Rekha, to replace the old maid. Rekha is young, beautiful, sexy, and innocent, and Asuasl Suraj sets his eyes on her. Suraj finds time to be alone with Rekha, and inappropriately touches her. His son walks into the room and caused a distraction and pushing Suraj to leave and meet villagers. Ankur notices Rekha’s messy clothing as she corrects herself following Suraj’s exit. At the same night, Devyani hears the sounds of moaning. She seems happy and proceeds to the source of the sound. Unknown to Suraj. The maid Rekha is the young prostitute from Devyani’s mother’s town, she fits in the house so that Suraj gets the disease when he rapes her. Devyani walks towards the room but is stopped by Suraj uncertain into the courtyard, fully drunk and incapable to walk and he passes out, and Devyani turns to the room in horror and realizes that her plan has failed and that the moaning is probably made by Rekha is having sex with her son Ankur.

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