OMG 2: Akshay Kumar Starrer Undergoes 27 CBFC Modifications – Shocking Scenes Altered for Release

OMG 2: Akshay Kumar Starrer Undergoes 27 CBFC Modifications – Shocking Scenes Altered for Release

The highly-awaited comedy-drama OMG 2, featuring Akshay Kumar, Pankaj Tripathi, and Yami Gautam Dhar, has been the talk of the town due to its adult-only certification and the Central Board of Film Certification’s (CBFC) request for 27 modifications before its scheduled release on August 11, 2023. Here’s a closer look at the shocking scenes that have been altered, including changes related to Lord Shiva, nudity, and religious references.

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Lord Shiva’s Character:

Akshay Kumar’s portrayal of Lord Shiva in an intoxicated form has been removed, and he will now play the role of a devotee or messenger of God.

Nudity Scenes Replaced:

Explicit visuals of frontal nudity have been replaced with suitable visuals of Naga Sadhus to ensure compliance with CBFC guidelines.

Respect for Religious Sentiments:

To respect Hindu sentiments, references to Shivling, Shri Bhagavad Gita, Upanishad, Atharvaved, Draupadi, Pandav, Krishna, Gopiyan, and Raasleela in an important dialogue have been removed.

Dialogue Modifications:

Several dialogues have been altered, including the removal of references to alcohol and vulgar gestures. Additionally, the word ‘ling’ in certain dialogues has been modified.

Changes in Locations and Names:

The film’s location has been changed from Ujjain to a fictional place, and the school’s name has been modified to ‘Savoday.’

Sensitivity to Sexual Acts:

Visuals and dialogues related to sexual acts have been toned down to adhere to the guidelines of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR).

Submission of Documentary Evidence:

The makers have been asked to provide documentary evidence for all the facts and statistics mentioned in the film regarding sexual acts.

Censorship Duration:

Reportedly, 13 minutes of the film have been censored to ensure compliance with CBFC requirements.

OMG 2, a sequel to the successful film ‘OMG’ from 2012, promises to deliver a comedic and entertaining experience while respecting religious sentiments and adhering to censorship guidelines. As the modifications ensure a laughter-filled journey, fans can look forward to enjoying the film when it hits the screens on August 11, 2023. Prepare to be entertained by the fresh modifications in this much-anticipated Akshay Kumar starrer!

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